Run Wild 2020!

What is it? 

Virtual 5K run/walk

When is it?

December 1, 2020

How can I participate?

  1. Anyone can run, walk, jog, hike, bike, or even swim with us wherever they are, at any time on Giving Tuesday, December 1 (check out your local trails or safely run with your local running group)
  2. Post pictures and run times with #RunWild2020 for a chance to be featured on our social media sites
  3. Gather virtual high-fives from your friends and family by asking them to donate $5 to TAWF via PayPal with your name in the memo, get the most high-fives and win a special prize
  4. Follow our social media sites as our founder, board members, and staff race each other while representing some of the fastest (and slowest) animals. Donate money to whichever animal or team you think should win
  5. Run with us representing your own favorite species or taxa and raise money for them as well by encouraging your community to donate with the animal/taxa/team name in the memo (e.g. “I’m donating $20 for Team Fish”), every dollar counts!
  6. Whichever species or team gets the most donations will receive a special shoutout on our sites
  7. Share this event with your community

Is there any swag?

Donate $10 via PayPal (on sidebar or footer) with “RunWild2020” in the memo and we’ll send you a sticker pack and a 30% off coupon for our virtual store.

Where can I go to run/walk?

Look up any local running or hiking clubs in your area on social media, they should know all the best spots! Also take a look at local parks as they may have hiking/walking/biking loops you can use. Also Map My Run has a feature where you can search routes near your city that others have used, and the app “All Trails” lists hiking/biking trails in your area and rates them on how difficult they are. 

How can I post my running times?

Take a photo or screen grab of your running time as measured via a smartwatch or phone. There are many fitness apps with timers on them, just search “run timer” in your browser and select your favorite!