About Our Logo

The Black Bear is an iconic species of North America. As a large and wide-ranging predator, Black Bears were among the first animals to disappear once we started modifying the landscape to meet our needs. Yet as vulnerable as they were, the Black Bear is a species of contrasts; as mindsets change and forests recover, now these adaptable beasts are reclaiming many of their old haunts, forcing us to reckon with how to process their return and live alongside them without conflict. The Black Bear therefore represents both the catastrophic impacts we may have on the wildlife around us and a reminder that even the most drastic effects might be undone in time.

Our logo also features the Colorado Rocky Mountains as viewed from Moraine Park Campground in Rocky Mountain National Park, where the Executive Director received the clarity and direction necessary to kickstart the foundation. Finally, you may notice the Big Dipper in the sky (i.e. Ursa Major, the Great Bear), a constellation with a history intertwined with that of oursĀ for thousands of years.

Our logo was designed in collaboration with Blue Aster Studio.