What Do You Do?

We turn your small donations into tens of thousands for wildlife conservation projects around the world (as well as organize some of our own) while building a fund to acquire land that will contribute to regional conservation goals. We’ve funded workshops that help professionals learn about and communicate science. We direct one of the largest online-outreach campaigns focusing on wildlife and wildlife conservation. We collaborate with artists to communicate conservation messages. We recognize innovative science communicators with an annual award. Finally, we provide a grassroots model for everyday people that wish to make a difference for conservation. Please check out our newsletters and annual reports to learn more about our progress and achievements.

Perhaps we will eventually grow large enough to start employing full-time scientists and science communicators.

What Makes You Different?

We are supported by a grassroots army of recurring small-donors and we focus on important issues and projects overlooked by the major conservation corporations/organizations.

How Can I Help?

  • Become a recurring small donor either by signing up on Patreon or Paypal (link on sidebar). Donations are tax-deductible and can be as little as one or two dollars a month! We prefer this method of helping because it gives us stability and confidence to grow our programs.

  • Send us a one-time donation via PayPal or by check (P.O. Box 12422, Gainesville Florida, 32608).

  • Designate us as your charity on Amazon Smile! When you shop through Amazon Smile, they will send us a small portion of their proceeds (here’s a tool that helps make sure you don’t forget to visit Amazon Smile instead of just Amazon.

  • Raise money for us with a Facebook fundraiser on your birthday (or any day)! 

  • Tell a friend about us and why you value our work.

How Do I Apply For A Grant?

Instructions are on our grants page.

What Do You Do With Donations?

We do not have full-time staff and our executive director does not take a salary. Most of the money we’ve received has gone to supporting our grants program; at this point we have awarded over $60,000 to conservation projects around the world. We also created a reserve fund (approximately $2,000) to cover unexpected expenses. Some donations go towards our land conservation fund, which contains approximately $40,000 as of early 2022. The big conservation organizations do more work and accomplish more than we ever will, but small donations go further with us.

Maintaining a non-profit charity comes with some administrative costs, like stamps, envelopes, website maintenance, and office equipment, for a few examples, but we are a small organization and have already purchased much of what we need for the foreseeable future.