Note From the Director

July, 2022


Greetings all,

Thanks for reading our second newsletter. The year is half over, I hope you have been able to find some moments for peace and rest. On the surface, things have been quiet for us, as usual we have been focused on replenishing our coffers after ending 2021 by funding a number of exciting and impactful conservation projects, from Colombia to Liberia (check out the grants update) late last year.


Summer is finally here and we are ready to do it again; indeed, you can now submit your grant proposal through our new and improved online portal. Now, interest in our grants program has skyrocketed, in a manner disproportionate to our ability to review proposals and, of course, fund projects. So, an adjustment was necessary. Similarly, we are a small organization (i.e., without full-time staff) with a relatively small revenue stream, so we are always trying to figure out how to make your money stretch as far as possible while maximizing impact for wildlife, but this has become particularly challenging as we all face record inflation at a pace that far exceeds our growth. So, to reduce the number of proposals we receive while increasing impact, moving forward our seed grant program is going to prioritize international conservation efforts, where a couple thousand dollars can make or break a project.

On the topic of funds, ironically if we had the time and expertise to actively manage our financial accounts then we probably would have lost a lot of our land acquisition fund over the last six months given global market trends, but the good news is that it’s all been sitting safely in a savings account at our bank, and that .002% interest (or whatever) doesn’t seem too bad right now, does it? But, a lot has changed, less than six months ago were starting to identify lots for sale with potential conservation value, but real estate prices quickly reached record heights here and elsewhere, so for now we are shifting back to focus on growing the fund.

Emily Karwacki served as our development specialist for several years before moving on a few months ago, and I want to thank her for jumping on, when the foundation was just starting out, and helping us conform to all relevant best practices as well experience substantial growth. Thank you Emily for your energy and expertise in taking us to the next level.

Enjoy the summer, you will hear from us again this fall after we have evaluated the grant proposals and are ready to announce the winners. As always, this grant opportunity is funded by all of you.