The Alongside Wildlife Foundation 2019 Request for Proposals

2018 Grant Awardee Marina Garrido Priego (Osa Conservation), her project focused on creating the first conservation action plan for the Golfo Dulce Poison Dart Frog using citizen science and tiny-tech.

This RFP is now closed.

In 2018, The Alongside Wildlife Foundation awarded over $10,000 to wildlife conservation projects around the world. We are now pleased to announce a 2019 Request for Proposals specifically for projects that are led by or will increase involvement of minorities and members of marginalized groups in wildlife conservation. Beyond this overarching goal, The Alongside Wildlife Foundation will support projects that involve:

  • collecting data (including basic natural history information) that can inform plans that allow people to live alongside wildlife
  • communicating science to communities with the goal of reducing human/wildlife conflict, and/or
  • implementing science-based strategies for living alongside wildlife populations.

Total Funding Available: We anticipate providing up to $10,000 to 1-2 projects. 

How to Apply [For Reference Only; This RFP is Closed]: E-mail a completed proposal (detailed below) to If you represent a small or international organization include letters written on your behalf by independent institutions. If you are a graduate student, include a letter of support from your advisor.

Due Date: November 8th2019       

Evaluation: Proposals will be evaluated by a committee formed for this purpose.

The Alongside Wildlife Foundation is supported through a huge (and growing) network of small donors. That makes a recurring donation of $1 or $2 important and valuable to us while we find and fill the important niches overlooked by the huge conservation institutions and agencies. If you feel our mission is important, we hope you will join our grassroots base. 

Your grant proposal should include the following information.

Name:                                                                                           Title:

Institution:                                                                                    Website:

E-mail:                                                                                           Project Title:

This project pertains primarily to (select one):

Collecting Data to Inform Conservation & Management Plans

Science Communication            Living Alongside Wildlife        

  1. What is the goal of your project? (limit 250 words)
  2. How will you accomplish your project goals? (limit 500 words)
  3. How will your project demonstrate leadership from minorities and members of marginalized groups and/or increase their involvement in wildlife conservation? (limit 750 words)
  4. What deliverables and products will be generated from your project and what is the timeline? (limit 250 words including timeline table)
  5. How does this project relate to the mission of The Alongside Wildlife Foundation and the goals of its grant program? (limit 250 words)
  6. Is this an independent project or a component of a larger project? If it’s the latter, please explain. (limit 250 words)
  7. Why are traditional sources of funding unsuitable for this project? (limit 250 words)
  8. Are you a resident of the country or region where the project will take place? If not, please describe any local partnerships and their role in the project. (limit 250 words)
  9. What opportunities exist to recognize The Alongside Wildlife Foundation’s role in supporting your project? (limit 250 words)
  10. Provide a detailed budget and narrative describing how funds from The Alongside Wildlife Foundation ($5,000 – $10,000) would be used and why they are necessary. If your project depends on obtaining independent funding, be explicit regarding whether that funding has been secured, and which agencies have been applied to for funding. The Alongside Wildlife Foundation does not support indirect costs.