In 2018 The Alongside Wildlife Foundation will begin a small-grants program to help fund the kind of important projects that are typically overlooked by most funding agencies and organizations. For example, there have been increasing calls to recognize and appreciate natural history but the necessary research is rarely prioritized; now The Alongside Wildlife Foundation can help fund projects that generate this basic but vital information about the species alongside us.

Similarly, many scientists and science communicators are facing pressure to reach out and engage with new audiences, but there are few funding opportunities to facilitate and encourage necessary collaborations. Now The Alongside Wildlife Foundation can help; thanks to the generous support of our donor network.

How to Apply for a Grant

Please contact us and briefly tell us about your proposed natural history and/or science communication project as well as how up to a few hundred dollars can help make your project a reality (3-4 sentences); if we feel your interests align with the mission of the foundation, we will provide more details regarding the application process. Projects will be considered on a rolling basis. If you contacted us prior to January 21st, 2018 please resend your message.